My first week on the trail

After my last post, things have been kind of a blur. I haven’t been keeping up with my writing journal so it’s difficult for me to post things here. Lots of things have definitely happened – I just don’t know the order.

First and foremost, I’ve had some amazing trail magic. Some personal and some regular. I was hiking down a path toward the Pogo Campsite and I passed some day hikers. Some time later, this lady comes running from behind me yelling out “Hiker! Hiker!”. I turned around and she was holding one of my camp shoes, I don’t know how far she had gone but it was pretty sweet of her to do that.

Before getting to Raven Rock shelter, there is a road and then a relatively (for me) steep trail leading up to the shelter. I was not looking forward to it all day. I was heading that direction, and it started to rain. It was actually pretty nice because the day needed some cooling off. Right at the road, was the most amazing thing ever. Several dudes with one of those tailgating type tents set up and they were grilling. They offered me a beer which I declined but they had soda as well. I ate three hot dogs and a half of a steak. Steak! I couldn’t believe it.

I had a crappy day on Tuesday. I was getting low on water and decided to stop at Rocky Mountain Shelters. My feet were killing me. My pack was unbearable. It was getting to the point where I was like, “Unless I make some changes, I’m not going to make it.” I had to stop at the shelter because there was a spring there. The shelter however, was back down the mountain I had just climbed up. It was also further away than the guide book said. The “piped spring” was not that at all and it appeared some sort of sewer pipe or something was coming out from it. I’m sure it wasn’t sewer but it wasn’t the typical piped spring. It was also all the way down the mountain. When I got down there, I refused to go back up. There was a road right by the spring and I started walking in the direction I felt was right. I couldn’t get a hitch to save my life. I walked at least 3.5 miles. Along the way a lady was out in her yard and I asked her if the road led to the next town or at least a road to the next town. She said it did and gave me some Powerade and water. I hiked on. I reached Caledonia State Park which the AT actually goes through. I had to get to the town though, which was 4 more miles West of where I was at. I started walking. It started raining. About 2 miles in, I was finally picked up by someone and they took me to the post office. Here, I took out 9lbs. worth of gear and sent it home. The guy also pretty much bought my lunch and took me back to the state park. My hike has been a million times easier with that 9 pounds gone.

I’ve met lots of great people. Slim Jim, Army Ant, Little Sass, Invisible Man, Lost, B-Line, Why Not?, Dump Truck, Clever Girl, Wolfe, and I’m sure some others. Everyone I’ve met is nice. The first ones I mentioned have given me some insight on my travels and it has really helped a lot.

I’ve had some foot pain that seems to be getting better. I am hoping to take a nero (near zero) day soon. I came into Mt. Holly Springs to get a package from Dee. One of the locals told me there was a library here (not listed in the guide book…arggg). So instead of staying in Boiling Springs to shower, do laundry, and update the site, I may just head on. I will be stopping there for breakfast for sure though.

A few things:

  • I drank a half gallon of sweet tea yesterday.
  • My mustache is getting out of hand, I feel like I am starting to look like a walrus, or ironically, Wilford Brimley.
  • I feel sorry for the person sitting next to me, I really stink.
  • Never, no matter what the price difference is, never buy hotdogs that aren’t 100% beef.

I’ve seen some great things and hit a few milestones. Here ya go!

High Rock

High Rock


Mashed taters at Tumbling Run Shelters. Dinner of champions.

Mashed taters at Tumbling Run Shelters. Dinner of champions.


I think this is Chimney Rocks.

I think this is Chimney Rocks.


PA people!

PA people!



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1 Response to My first week on the trail

  1. Sara Mac says:

    Good blogging! I’m starting to think people are too nice out there. I want to hear stories of you crawling to a spring because you haven’t had a drop of water in 3 days and your can no longer speak because of dry mouth. Also. I can smell you from here. Gross. Sean wants you to fight a bear. Please get on that. Thanks

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